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St. Thomas welcomes the growing population of Latin Americans.

  • We celebrate the Latin traditions of quinceaneras and Maria Guadalupe.

  • We worship bilingually with Latin faithful in Holy Baptism and Holy Communion. we celebrate numerous festivals - quincineras, maria guadalupe, we are on the street and at the alter with our latin neighbors. 

Founded at St. Thomas, Tri-Cities LX (Latinx) is a group of churches and organizations who:

  • Welcome Latinx peoples and families to the Tri-Cities and Northeast Tennessee

  • Serve in an advocacy capacity to immigrant adults and families.

  • Tri-cities LATINX Partnership, 1st Thursdays, 7:00 PM and ZOOM


Join us 1st Wednesdays for the Parish Roundtable following the Healing Eucharist at 6:00 PM. This is where you can let your Vestry know your concerns and praises.


St. Thomas is active the community providing resources for: 

  • Assistance and Resources Ministries (ARM)

  • Food for the Multitude - The meals are served each Saturday morning at the TLC Center, located at 145 Judge Don Lewis Blvd.

  • Carter County Drug Prevention

  • Elizabethton/Carter County Animal Shelter

  • Tri-cities LATINX Partnership, 1st Thursdays, 7:00 PM and ZOOM


St. Thomas celebrates all of God's creatures year round...

  • On Palm Sunday the parish's Jeruselum donkey's lead the procession to Elizabethton's covered bridge.

  • At Summer Evensong we celebrate with our friends from the St. Thomas animal farm.

  • In conjuction with Elizabethton's annual Covered Bridge Festival we are blessed with the St. Thomas animal farm. 

  • In October we celebrate the St. Francis Blessing of the Animals.
    (Jesus, Dogs, and Bluegrass).

_All things bright and beautiful, all cr

Celebrating the Music of Appalachia in the Episcopal/Anglican Tradition

1st Sundays feature Liturgical Bluegrass


Please consider a gift for Appalachian Ministry

  • Monthly Liturgical Bluegrass Jam - $2,400 annually

  • Appalachian Studies Scholarships - $2,500 annually

  • Support for retired and disabled musicians - $1,000 annually

  • Instrument & Lesson Awards for young people - $1,000 annually

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